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    Looking for an engaging, relevant, and down-to-earth relationship expert? I've appeared on Fox News, Discovery Health, and interviewed with WSJ, CNN, Cosmo, Woman's Day and others. Schedule an Interview

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    Are you a private mental health or health practitioner wanting to attract more clients build a media and social media presence, build a cash-pay practice, hire additional clinicians? Let me help. Let's work together!

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    Health & mental health therapists, the world needs your healing message. Learn how to land and leverage media interviews to share your passion, product, or practice. Grab your spot for fall cohort

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    Are You a Creative Woman?

    I want to feature your creative work on my new website. My dissertation topic was supporting creative productivity of mothers and it ignited in me a passion to amplify the creative work of women. Submit your work here

End the Mommy Wars: Studio 5

We’ve all heard the term “mommy wars.” Originating in the 1980s, it refers to the negative cultural experience of mothers being pitted against each other based on their different lifestyle choices. While there are many aspects of motherhood that could be included under the umbrella concept of mommy wars (breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, etc.), the most significant dichotomy is that of working moms versus stay-at-home moms. But this framing is no longer relevant, as it doesn’t reflect the creativity and real lives of so many women who have a variety of experiences. Here are some steps to change the way we think about motherhood and end the mommy wars for good!

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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout: Studio 5

Women expect a lot of themselves: a strong marriage, healthy children, time to pursue personal goals and interests, etc. These are wonderful aspirations, but we also need to “get real” or risk burning out.

Physical and emotional burnout is a real problem, particularly in our community. LDS Living recently conducted a survey in which they found that 95% (of 1900 individuals surveyed) reported that they had experienced burnout (specifically in a religious/ spiritual sense). This is an epidemic that is affecting many of us, and clearly, something has to change. Here are 5 steps to prevent and avoid burnout:

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