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The Gravity of Love

New Music from Julie de Azevedo

With unparalleled honesty, inspirational performing songwriter Julie de Azevedo offers long awaited EP in her signature acoustic pop style.
Genre: Easy Listening: Adult Contemporary, Spiritual
Release Date: 2017

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Executive Producer: Julie de Azevedo
Produced by John Hancock
Keyboards: John Hancock and Julie de Azevedo
Guitars: Rich Dixon and John Hancock
Drums: Todd Sorensen
Violin: Aaron Ashton
Cello: Nicole Pinnell
Background Vocals: Julie de Azevedo and John Hancock
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Rosskelley at the Pod
Recorded at John’s House
Album cover design: Charyce McGregor
Lyrics and Music written by Julie de Azevedo

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Life Has a Way

Life has a way
Of questioning the certain
Of pulling back the curtain
We’ve drawn to keep us safe
And life has a way
Dismantling defenses
Stripping off pretenses
And masks we have made

Life has a way
Of taking what we think is ours
Life has a way
Of changing up our plans
We’re finding our way
And learning how to let things go
We grip so tightly in our hands

Life has a way
Of calling up the heroes
Showing just how little we know
About our bravery
Life has a way
Of waking inner giants
Too long laying quiet
With the strength to set us free

Life has a way
Of proving who we really are
Life has a way
Of changing up our plans
We’re finding our way
And learning how to let things go
We grip so tightly in our hands

When we can’t find hope in our humanity
When we can’t find the missing pieces
When we can’t find the strength
To live another day
Life has a way
Life has a way


© 2017 Julie de Azevedo


The Gravity of Love

I will meet you where you are
When you’re crouched in shadows small
And you fear you’ve lost it all
I’ll meet you where you are

I’ll meet you where you are
Covers pulled up over head
Drowning in your weepy bed
I’ll meet you where you are

The gravity of love
Pulls me to you
Unraveled and undone
We all come unglued
So when you reach your mountain peaks
Or to valley lows you sink
Whether you’re near or far
I’ll meet you where you are

I’ll meet you where you are
Tragedy breaks down your door
And heartache pins you to the floor
I’ll meet you where you are


Judgment is a heavy stone
That drowns the heart in lonely seas
I only say this ‘cause I know
How often I need rescuing
So who am I to withhold help
To withhold love
And rob myself
Of who I can be
Can’t deny gravity of love


© 2017 Julie de Azevedo

Fractions of My Heart

Twenty years ago
Daddy left my mother
I set one foot out the door
Only half a lover
Kept a secret bag
In case you chose to leave me
I could say I knew it
I could beat you to it

I’m tired
Of listening with one ear
Of being half way here
Tired of loving with fractions of my heart
I’m ready
To jump in with both feet
Let me swim or let me sink
I’m ready to let you love all of me

Many years ago
I promised I would love you
But I gave you half, not whole
And kept a part of my heart from you
Still got half our lives
Stretched out on the road before us
I know we can do it
All of me will love you through it


We’ve created something beautiful
With only fragments and flaws
We’ve created something bigger than two
With fractions of me
Multiplied by you


© 2017 Julie de Azevedo

You Can’t Lose My Love

You can lose your car keys
For the hundredth time
Lose your privileges
Lose your peace of mind
You can lose your best friend
When she moves away
Lose your track of time A
nd the words you planned to say

You can lose your innocence
Trade it for experience
You can choose the path you travel on
But you can’t lose my love

You can lose a boyfriend
You can lose a job
And somewhere along your journey
You might lose your faith in God


From the day I first laid eyes on
I fell under your spell
My little girl From heaven sent
I never dreamed we’d go through hell
Through all the peaks and valleys
That you have traveled through
At times I know you’ve felt alone
My heart has been with you

You can’t lose my
You can’t lose my
You can’t lose my love

© 2017 Julie de Azevedo

Mother, Where Art Thou?

I have read the ancient books
Searching for your name
Tracing every line on every page
Imagining your face

I hear echoes of your voice
In the stillness of the night
As I strain to see your shadow
In the stories of so long ago

Are you the binding on each page
Are you the thread that binds
All humankind through every age
Are you the spaces in between
Above around beneath
Come out from your cloud
Mother, where art thou?

Where you there when it began
In the garden near the tree
As the architect of Eden’s door for Eve
And all humanity

Are you the cradle and the grave
Are you the hand that lifts
All living things to higher ways
Are you the soil and the waves
The blossom and the rays
Come out from your shroud
Mother, where are thou?

Your weary daughters kneeling
We’re praying and we’re pleading
That you can stop this bleeding
The world has lost its feeling
How we need your healing
We long for your revealing
How we need a mother now

Mother, where art thou?


© 2017 Julie de Azevedo

Glimpses of Divine

I see the good in stranger’s eyes as we pass on the street
Catching glimpses of divine in everyone I meet
And I tell myself a story
About the path they’d traveled here
Imagining the glory they’ll gather through the years

But when I look inside
Of my own life
Seems all I find
Are frailty and weakness
Shine the light
Open my eyes
So I can find
Glimpses of divine

I see loved ones weaving light into life’s tapestry
I can almost see their halos as they’re sprouting wing
And I offer up a thank you for the love that I have known
And all the blessed travelers I walk with on this road


I see beauty in each sunrise
Innocence in every child’s eyes
I see the fingerprint of God in mountains and the sea
Why is it so hard
Why is it so hard
So hard to see the good in me


© 2017 Julie de Azevedo