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Are We Raising Divas? Studio 5

Hannah Montana, Honey Boo Boo, Dance Moms, and even Fancy Nancy often showcase sassy and sarcastic girls, often labeling them as “cute”. Brooke Walker, host of KSL TV’s Studio 5 stopped by last week and chatted and asked my thoughts on this question, “Are we raising divas?” I share a few thoughts on the topic. My daughter was excited that she got to participate in the shoot too.

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Overcoming Cyber Envy: Studio 5

Therapist Julie Hanks, LCSW, owner and executive director of Wasatch Family Therapy, cautions women to remember that a digital life is the best version of someone, not the entire picture.

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Talking To Your Children About Aurora Colorado Shooting: Studio 5

Information continues to come in this morning after the overnight shooting, at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado. It’s a senseless tragedy where the details are tough to take. Knowing this situation will dominate our televisions over the coming days, how can you help your kids make sense of it all?

Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce: Studio 5

Cooperation and communication between divorced parents are crucial to a child’s well-being. It’s often difficult for ex-spouses to transition from intimate partners to “business partners”. You are both in the business of successfully raising your child or children together.

1) Nurture your child’s relationship with other parent

You don’t need to be friends with your ex-spouse, but you do need to be a friend to your child’s relationship with them. Regardless of your feelings toward your ex-spouse, it is in your child’s best interest to support and nurture their relationship with your co-parent. Your feelings or opinions toward your ex are none of your child’s business. The only exception to this is if you believe your child is in danger of being neglected, abused, or harmed.

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