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Spanking Needs A Time Out! 7 Positive Parenting Strategies: Studio 5

It’s estimated that 70-90 percent of parents spank their children, according to Dr. George Holden of Southern Methodist University; in spite of the mounting volume of compelling research that shows physical punishment in all forms is not an effective solution for behavior problems. Spanking and other physical punishment has many unintended negative effects, including poor mental health.

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8 Surefire Ways To Emotionally Screw Up Your Kid

My guest post published yesterday on’s World Of Psychology blog. It seems it hit close to home for many people. It’s been shared nearly 1000 times on Facebook since yesterday! See if any of these ring true for your experience…(click the title above to go to the article)

Helping Your Child Deal With Tragedy: KSL TV News

When I briefly heard coverage of the Colorado shooting this morning my heart sank. Not long after I initially heard about the tragic shooting, I received a call from KSL host and news anchor Brooke Walker morning asking if I could be at the Studio to share a few suggestions for parents on how to talk with children about the senseless tragedy. Honored, I hurried down to the station to help in any way I could.

A sense of helplessness often accompanies senseless violence and loss. It helps to do something – anything – during a time of loss and tragedy and this was one small thing I could do. I could offer a few suggestions to help Utah families deal with feelings that arise in the aftermath of such a horrific event.

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