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5 Survival Strategies for Work-at-Home Moms

These days, more and more women with children are choosing to work from home.  This has many advantages:  increased flexibility, spending more time with the kids, and supplementing the family income are all attractive reasons to pursue work opportunities from home.  But there are unique challenges as well:  these women have constant interruptions and may experience difficulty concentrating with the distractions of home life.  Here are 5 survival skills for work-at-home moms:

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Stop Overreacting article Community Orange Magazine

Do you get very upset or angry easily?  Have you ever been accused of being hot-headed?  If you respond with intensity and emotion that is disproportionate to the situation at hand, you are overreacting.

I recently had an article published in the August edition of Community Orange Magazine where I discussed strategies to keep calm and appropriately respond to stressful situations.  Here are a few basic ways to keep from overreacting.

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When Your Partner’s Adorable Habits Become Annoying: WSJ Interview

fatal attraction

Have you ever been annoyed by certain habits or quirks of your partner that you once found endearing?  Perhaps you were drawn to a man because you admired his work ethic, but then later came to see him as a workaholic.  Or maybe you initially liked how a woman was dedicated to physical fitness, but eventually  felt she was self-absorbed.  This phenomenon, which experts refer to as a fatal attraction, can wreak havoc on relationships.

I had the opportunity to give my insight on this topic in a new Wall Street Journal article out today entitled, “How to Cope When You and Your Partner are Falling Out of Love.” Other relationship experts and I discuss how to appropriately handle this fatal attraction in such ways as recognizing that every character trait has pros and cons, reflecting on what you do appreciate about your romantic partner, and considering how the other person brings balance to the relationship.

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5 Minute Relationship Fix: The S Word

five minute relationship fix

Here is the most recent “5 Minute Relationship Fix” segment from the Todd & Erin Show, where I share quick tips to strengthen relationships in just five minutes!

This week, we’re tackling a topic that comes up over and over again:  the “S” word.  Yep, that’s right, we’re talking about sex!

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5 Minute Relationship Fix: The Chore Wars

5 Minute Rleationship Fix

This is so cool! Every Friday I’ll be sharing a “5 Minute Relationship Fix” on the Todd & Erin Show. Get quick tips to create strong relationships in just five minutes!

This week: The Chore Wars. How to end the fighting and resentment over who does what at home.

Who’s in charge of the dishes? How about the laundry? Who tracks the kids’ activities? Listen and find out how to clarify the domains in your home.


Celebrating Multiple Moms on Mother’s Day: HuffPost Live

Multiple moms on Mother's Day

Families come in many constellations and mother figures come in a variety of forms–bio-mother, step-mothers, mother-in-laws, lesbian mothers, adoptive mother. Watch this lively HuffPost Live panel discussion on celebrating multiple moms on Mother’s Day!

Hosted by: Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
Dana Rudolph @mombian (Boston, MA) Founder of Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms
Josh Silverman @DashiNoodleBar (Bellingham, WA) Has 7 Women to Celebrate on Mother’s Day
Julie Hanks @julie_hanks (Salt Lake City, UT) Psychotherapist, Owner and Executive Director of Wasatch Family Therapy
Kellen Kaiser @momsandbombs (San Francisco, CA) Contributor at

How many moms are you recognizing this Mother’s Day?

Lessons From Gwyneth and Chris on Emotional Vulnerability: Shape Magazine

In the wake of Chris Martin’s recent comments that he was to blame for the breakup with Gwyneth Paltrow, I was invited to share my thoughts on the importance of sharing emotional vulnerability with your partner.

“Even if he can’t do anything to fix the situation, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth discussing,” says Julie Hanks, a couples therapist and executive director of Wasatch Family Therapy in Salt Lake City. “We all need to be comforted when we’re emotionally distressed, upset, or burdened.”

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New Book Review Posted #BurnoutCure Blog Tour

Thanks to Jill at for her generous review of The Burnout Cure! Click the link above to read her review and check out her great FHE resources while you’re there…

6 Ways to Better Bond With Your Spouse

Marriage seems magical when you say “I do” in front of a cheering crowd of family and friends. In addition to a romantic honeymoon, your first few months of marriage are exciting as the two of you start your new journey together as husband and wife. But—gasp—typically the fairy tale aspect wears off when you fall back into a routine. That’s normal. Just don’t let routine mean total boredom, which can lead to problems along the way. Instead, set a pattern of love, communication, trust and excitement in your marriage so you can continue to bond with your spouse as you grow old together.

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