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Is YOU Time Selfish?

One Utah mom, Raili, isn’t sure what all of the fuss is about. She says, “When you choose to be a mom, you choose all of the chaos that goes with that. I may not have time to exercise or shop or scrapbook. You have to decide what’s essential and what’s not. I get ME time 24/7 because I’m doing what I chose to do…to be a mom.”
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Ask Julie: How Do I Disengage From My Ex?

Q I was with my ex girlfriend for a year and half. A few months before our breakup she moved a few states away and we tried to maintain a long distance relationship. I did not go with her, because I was nearly finished with college.  At the time it seemed like a spur of the moment decision on her part to leave the area, but she really wanted to move out. When she was away, we talked about moving in together and other promising things

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8 Surefire Ways To Emotionally Screw Up Your Kid

My guest post published yesterday on’s World Of Psychology blog. It seems it hit close to home for many people. It’s been shared nearly 1000 times on Facebook since yesterday! See if any of these ring true for your experience…(click the title above to go to the article)

Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce: Studio 5

Cooperation and communication between divorced parents are crucial to a child’s well-being. It’s often difficult for ex-spouses to transition from intimate partners to “business partners”. You are both in the business of successfully raising your child or children together.

1) Nurture your child’s relationship with other parent

You don’t need to be friends with your ex-spouse, but you do need to be a friend to your child’s relationship with them. Regardless of your feelings toward your ex-spouse, it is in your child’s best interest to support and nurture their relationship with your co-parent. Your feelings or opinions toward your ex are none of your child’s business. The only exception to this is if you believe your child is in danger of being neglected, abused, or harmed.

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Is Honest Always Best For Relationships?: Matt Townsend Show BYU Radio Interview

I stopped by BYU Radio Monday afternoon to chat with my friend Matt Townsend on the topic of honesty in relationships. Matt just launched a daily talk show that also airs on Sirius XM 143! Is honesty always the best policy in relationships? The short answer — no. There are other values that often compete with telling the truth – like sensitivity, compassion, and helpfulness. Often, when a loved one asks a question, they are really asking for some kind of emotional validation. I shared with Matt that I prefer the word “authenticity” to “honesty” in relationships. Listen to our entire conversation by clicking the arrow above. I realized that I really enjoy radio. I’d love to do a radio show…stay tuned…

5 Ways To Be A Happier Parent: KSL TV News

Secret #1: Take time for yourself

An hour away, a night out with girlfriends — make sure you save some time to call your own. Take time to recharge and take better care of those you love.

Secret #2: Find meaning in the mundane

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working, part-time or full-time, finding a greater purpose in the day-to-day tasks can add more joy to your life.

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