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8 Surefire Ways To Emotionally Screw Up Your Kid

My guest post published yesterday on’s World Of Psychology blog. It seems it hit close to home for many people. It’s been shared nearly 1000 times on Facebook since yesterday! See if any of these ring true for your experience…(click the title above to go to the article)

What’s The Secret Sauce To A Happy Marriage?: Featured on Yahoo! Homepage

I woke up to some fun news this morning! I found out that my article about how empathy is crucial to a good marriage is featured on Yahoo! Homepage and is currently the most popular article with 3.3K Facebook shares and over 2400 comments. No. Way.

If you like the article, please share and spread the message of the importance of empathy in relationships. It is THE most important skill in marriage.

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I’ve Never Met A Shrink Who Didn’t Need One

[25/365] On the couch (Explored)

My grandpa used to say, “I never met a shrink who didn’t need one,” as if that was a valid reason for not seeking help for mental health problems. After being a therapist for nearly two decades, I totally agree with my Grandpa.

Therapists are an interesting and colorful bunch and we definitely have our own share of mental health problems. I’d take grandpa’s phrase even farther by saying I’ve never met a person who didn’t need a shrink. We can all benefit from examining our experiences and getting an outside perspective from a mental health professional during difficult times.

The most effective therapists I’ve worked with, as a colleague and as a client, are those who’ve already worked through some of their own mental health and relationship struggles with a therapist, have a handle on their own pain and vulnerability, understand their family relationship patterns, and are comfortable walking with others through their pain. Not only is working through issues with your own therapist good for your own mental health and personal relationships, it’s also good for your therapy practice.

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