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5 Minute Relationship Fix: The Chore Wars

5 Minute Rleationship Fix

This is so cool! Every Friday I’ll be sharing a “5 Minute Relationship Fix” on the Todd & Erin Show. Get quick tips to create strong relationships in just five minutes!

This week: The Chore Wars. How to end the fighting and resentment over who does what at home.

Who’s in charge of the dishes? How about the laundry? Who tracks the kids’ activities? Listen and find out how to clarify the domains in your home.


Tech Milestones for Kids (part 2)

Kids and Technology

How early is TOO early for cell phones for kids?

What about computers or iPads in bedrooms? Unsupervised internet access? Let’s get into agreement. I talk through the process with Todd and Erin on Rewind 100.7.

Listen to part 1 here.

Tech Milestones For Kids (part 1)

Kids and Technology

How early is TOO early for cell phones for kids?

Surprisingly, there’s more to it than just age. I walks Todd & Erin through when, what and why. Computers? Unsupervised internet access? Let’s get into agreement on this. Listen to this enlightening interview!

Listen to part 2 here

Handling Complicated Mother Relationships on Mother’s Day (part 2)

Every week I give Todd and Erin Show listeners on Rewind100.7 a homework assignment. This week I challenge listeners to list the positive gifts your mother has offered you and to celebrate those on Mother’s Day. It may be a short list. I also encourage listeners to view their mother as not “good” or “bad” but some mixture of both. Listen to part 1

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Communities in Shock: Megan Huntsman Tragedy


Recent events in Pleasant Grove surrounding the discovery of the remains of seven infants has shocked communities around the globe. It is impossible to comprehend how a mother could conceal seven pregnancies and end the life of six of her own children, as newborns. While this kind of situation is extremely rare, and many details surrounding Huntsman’s situation are still unknown, Todd and Erin thought it might be helpful to share some community resources for women who have an unwanted pregnancy, who have delivered a baby they are unable or unwilling to care for, who are suffering from postpartum emotional disorders, or who have loved ones dealing with severe mental illness. Utah was among the first state to pass have safe haven law that allows parents to drop off their infant to any hospital with no questions asked and without legal action.

Utah Safe Haven
Postpartum Support International
Utah Alliance for Mental Illness

Should You Spank Your Kids?

I talked with caller “Mike” on Todd and Erin Morning Show on Rewind 100.7 FM about how he and his ex-wife disagreed about how to discipline: his wife spanked and he disagreed with it. It ultimately ended their marriage.

How can you handle differences in discipline between parents? What are alternatives to spanking?

For help with parenting issues and family relationships in Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties visit

Should I Forgive My Abusive Mom?

Should I Forgive My Abusive Mom?

I’m giddy about being invited to talk with listeners on the Todd and Erin Morning Show. They’re now on air weekdays at Rewind 100.7 FM! I chatted with caller “Nicole” about whether or not to forgive her mother who has a history of alcoholism and abusive behavior.

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Public Shaming, To Spank Or Not To Spank? Laura Ingraham Radio Interview

I was invited to interview on the Laura Ingraham Radio Show today on a topic I feel VERY passionate about–public humiliation and spanking as parenting strategies. The conversation evolved into talking about discipline in schools and teachers inability to do anything. Listen to Laura take me to task on these issues.

Do you think public humiliation is ever warranted?

How about spanking? Do you spank your children?