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Men & Depression Interview

Last week Dr. Todd Dunn & I did an interview with Rebecca Cressman of Utah Families show on FM100.3 on Men & Depression.

Did you know that men’s

depression symptoms may differ from women?

Did you know that many men mask their depression by substance use, working excessively, or engaging in reckless behavior?

Do you know that 7% of men in any given year suffer from depression?

Do you know how to spot warning signs?

Get tips on how to help the men and boys in your life become more emotionally healthy and where to get help if you or a loved one is suffering from depression

Listen to “Men & Depression” interview online HERE

Dr. Todd Dunn is a Licensed Psychologist at Wasatch Family Therapy specializing in men’s mental health & I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Owner/Clinical Director of Wasatch Family Therapy.

For information about therapy visit our website or call 801.944.4555.

“Exercise for Mental Health” on You and Yours Show (002)

In podcast episode 002 “Lose Your Excuses! Exercise For Your Mental Health” on “The You And Yours Show” self & relationship expert Julie Hanks, LCSW gives you practical solutions to common exercise excuses. Julie shows you how to prioritize exercise so you can experience not only the physical benefits, but the mental and emotional benefits of better mood, less anxiety, stress management, and more!

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