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Born Grumpy? Interview

Did you know there’s a National Grouch Day? I didn’t until I was asked to interview for Health Magazine article “Born Grumpy? Today is National Grouch Day“…

It’s not like most people set out to be grouchy, says therapist Julie de Azevedo Hanks, author of The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women. “People are born with constellations of personality traits and dispositions that, when coupled with experience, can lead to a less than agreeable disposition,” she says. “If you have a temperament that is less agreeable than those around you, you may be labeled a grouch just because you’re experiencing life differently.”

In some ways, people who are moody or pessimistic may be at a health advantage. Research has shown that older adults who are pessimistic about their future actually live longer and are less likely to live with a disability, says Hanks. And people who tend toward pessimism may use negative thinking as a motivational strategy, she says. “While they may be a drag to be around, they may actually be trying to improve themselves.”

Still, if you’re not happy with your mood (or with your resident crankypants), consider these 6 ways to un-grouch a grump.

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Deseret News Give #BurnoutCure Book a Glowing Review

There are probably more items on that glaring to-do list than are necessary and in reality, more than humanly possible. But somehow it continues to grow, whether out of obligation or fear of letting others down.

So why do women, especially Latter-day Saint women, feel the need to bite off more than they can chew?

In her book “The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women” (Covenant Communications, $13.99), Julie de Azevedo Hanks address this topic — and much, much more. As an award-winning performing songwriter, mother of four and owner of Salt Lake City-based Wasatch Family Therapy, Hanks knows a thing — or six — about helping women find emotional stability through her “burnout cures”…

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Preventing Teacher Burnout #BurnoutCure Blog Tour

Through this recent book review on The Good Enough Teacher blog I was thrilled to discover that my workshop presentation “Preventing Emotional Burnout” actually inspired the name of this blog! Good Enough Teacher shares what she’s learned from reading The Burnout Cure and how it applies to teachers specifically. Read the post Preventing Teacher Burnout.

New Book Review Posted #BurnoutCure Blog Tour

Thanks to Jill at for her generous review of The Burnout Cure! Click the link above to read her review and check out her great FHE resources while you’re there…

People of Faith Interview on KSL Newsradio #BurnoutCure


I had a delightful conversation with KSL Newsradio host (and close friend) Carole Mikita today on her weekly show “People of Faith.” We chatted about my work with Latter-day Saint women, my new book “The Burnout Cure,” and played a couple of songs including “Make Enough of Me” and “Molly Mormon Died Today“.

It’s not often that I get to be interviewed by one of my visiting teaching women. Yep, I am Carole’s visiting teacher! Lucky me. Do you think this counts as a visit for the month? 😉