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We’re Staying Together for the Cats

Laughter is good for your mental health. So, I wanted to post something on the lighter side for you.  I got some good giggles when I posted my favorite bumper sticker of all time on Facebook

“We’re staying together for the cats”

Funny thing is that I hate cats. (Sorry cat lovers. I understand if you unfriend me)

S0, after I posted on my wall last week I got tons of responses from friends posting their favorite bumper stickers.

Here are some that made me laugh:

“What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?”

‎”I don’t suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it”

“Give Whirled Peas A Chance!”

“Honk if anything falls off!”

“Where the hell are we going and why are we in a hand basket?” —>

‎”It’s not pretty being easy.”


OK, now it’s your turn. Post your favorite bumper sticker in the comment below. Your email will not show publicly. I promise.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes: Add these words to your vocabulary

Want to impress others by adding some edgy and impressive new words to your vocabulary? Try these creative words offered by my own kids and my facebook friends’ children…


Over the years our family has developed several new words that we have integrated into our everyday use.   My kids are exceptionally good at combining two words into an entirely new word that actually makes sense. Last week I posted some of our family’s favorites words on Facebook and asked for some input from other friends and fans. They did not disappoint…as if I need another reason to love Facebook! Consider adding these words to your vocabulary…


(but + except) “I want to do my chores butcept I’m not feeling well”


(tomorrow + later) “Mom, Can we go the store tolater?”


(bedtime + nighttime) “I want a bed-night snack before I go to sleep”


(ignorant + annoying)  “Stop being so ignoying!”

Here are some gems from my Facebook Friends

(Julie de Azevedo-Hanks & Julie de Azevedo Facebook walls)


Michele — My youngest use to call any new outfit that she received a “newfit”. Funny thing was just a few years later JCpenney’s used that word in one of their advertisements. We had a good giggle over that.

Cheese papers

Carrie — My sons call pre-sliced cheese “cheese papers”. We’ve all adopted it and I forget that it isn’t the correct term until I tell someone I have to run to the store to buy cheese papers and they look at me funny.

Verse (as a verb)

Tracey — my boys use “verse” as a verb. “do you want to verse me in tennis?” “I versed him in handball”. Hilarious…and kinda makes sense.


Amy–“but mom” I usually tell them I am not “butt mom”


Bill–My grandson uses the term “Hoosey” as an adjective. “Lightening mcQueen is a Hoosey fast car!”


Lisa — ‎”Posta” I was posta do my chores.


Laurel — Yabutt (yeah + but)


Elizabeth– My 8 yr old grandson always says “whabou” I always respond, “how do you spell that?”. W H A T A B O U T


Elizabeth–Imaginating…And my granddaughter will be sitting quietly and when I ask what she’s doing, she responds, “I’m just imaginating, Grammy.”


Mike– beginst (beside+against). made sense to me.


Emily –My kids say I.D.K like its an actual word…thank you texting. ( I don’t know) We also have the yabut at our house. Oh and shup (shut up which I do NOT appreciate either!! LOL)


Becky — The remote has been called a “notatoy” for 32 years ( our oldest son thought that was what it was as everytime he picked up my husband would say “that is not a toy”.


Darcell– my daughter say’s” mote” for the TV remote.


Vickie — We started calling a late lunch “lundin” when my kids were little because it was in between lunch time


Rebecca– My 4 year old says “Lasternight we went to Grandpa’s house, remember?” It’s like yesterday… but… laster-night!


April — Ginormous. Gigantic + enormous. They all use that one.


April–  “you are being ridifficult” combination of ridiculous and difficult. only when she is mad at me for not getting her way.

And one of my favorite comments….

Matt –Not any words I could post on facebook:)

If you have any words that aren’t words but kind of make sense, please comment below. Your email will remain private.


Does Motherhood Really Matter? A Tribute to My Mom

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized what precious gifts my mom had given to me. She gave her body, her heart, her time, her attention, her sleep… and I rarely gave her the respect and appreciation she deserved.

I’m stepping away from your love & relationship questions this week to share a that I wrote to honor motherhood, and in particular my mom, Linda de Azevedo.

Written shortly after my parents divorce, and during a time when my mom was questioning the value of her life’s contributions to our family and to the the world, I hoped to convey through music my overwhelming gratitude to her for her tender care throughout my life. The little things she did to support our family day in and day out for decades mattered not only to me and to my eight siblings, but they mattered in heaven…the angels carried her.

Click here to listen to the song “Angels” (quicktime)

Download or gift “Angels” (iTunes)

Preview my “Celebrating Mother’s” Playlist (iTunes)

Words & Music: Julie de Azevedo
© 1996 Mohrgud Music (BMI)

She was a girl just a young girl at nineteen
When she left behind her the life she had known
Got all dressed up in white to be a new bride
And set out to make a house a home

When she found herself she was drowning in laundry
Up all the night and driving all day
And every few years she would come up for air
In between lessons carpool & PTA

But the angels – they carried her
Through the fire and the rain
And the angels – they carried her
From the end of her rope to the end of her day
And the angels – they sang to her
When she thought no one was there
She had wings and prayers
Looking back it’s clear
She was touching heaven all those years

Well by now you would think that her house would be empty
‘Cause most of the children have grown up and gone
I’ll be the first who would say that I can’t stay away
From that woman who gave me my first birth and my first home

‘Cause the angels have carried her
Through the minutes and the days
And the angels have carried her
To a strong and wise and noble place
And the angels still sing to her
And I join them in their praise

‘Cause the angel that carried me
‘Til I saw the light of day
Was the angel that carried me
Through the years of laughter joy and pain
And the angel – she sang to me
So I knew someone was there
I had wings and prayers
Looking back it’s clear
Oh so clear
I was touching heaven all those years

Confessions of a Multitasking Mama part 2

Last year’s “confessions” post was #1 viewed post on my blog. Why? I think we all want to know we’re not alone – that we’re not the only imperfect woman around. So, here’s more of the stuff I don’t do, things I attempt to do but don’t do very well, and things I do that probably shouldn’t.

Top Posts of 2011…So Far

It’s fascinating to see which posts are the most viewed and shared with others! So, I’m gathering that these are the most popular because people care deeply about improving their marriage, taking good care of their kids, coming to terms their bodies and their past, and hearing about other people’s imperfections – like mine (see #10).

1–Marriage Q & A: Date Night & I’m Never In The Mood

2–How To Stop Overreacting & Keep Your Cool

3–How’s Your Relationship with…You?

4–Love The Body You Have Today

5–How To Get Past Your Painful Past

6–Does My Child Have ADD? What To Do When The Teacher Calls

7–Spark? What Spark? Help For Parents To Rekindle Romance

8–How To Assess Your Child’s Self-esteem

9–Keeping Your Marriage Emotionally Hot

10–Confessions Of A Multitasking Mama (top post from last year still holding steady)

What do you think makes these posts stand out? I want to know. What topics do peak YOUR interest? Comment below (your email will remain private).

Confessions of a Multitasking Mama

I often get asked “how do you do it all?” The answer is “I don’t”. I don’t do it all. You see the things I DO on this website, in my Facebook events and updates, newsletters, etc. You can easily find out about my therapy practice, my music career, my media appearances, speaking engagement, and my family life. I admit, I do A LOT, but I definitely don’t do it all.

Here are some of the things I DON’T do:

I don’t cook (unless you count heating up a Dream Dinner cooking). I value family dinner time but I don’t cook from scratch. I’d like to, but not enough to actually take the time to do it.

I am not the room mother. I am the assistant room mother.

I don’t attend every soccer, baseball, lacrosse, or basketball game, recital or school program. I attend “more often than not”.

I don’t make my kids breakfast before school. They have cold cereal or cinnamon toast every morning (unless its Sat. and my hubby makes waffles with ice cream).

I don’t have a clean, organized home. I generally know where to find most things, but home organization is not my strong suit. I don’t deep clean my home. I hire a cleaning crew twice a month.

I don’t feel guilty having other people help take care of our kids. I have a part-time “home assistant” who keeps things moving when my husband and I are not home, and we have an amazingly supportive family.

Even though I take a detailed list of birthday gifts my children receive every year, it is the exception that we actually send out “thank you” notes.

I don’t work in the yard on a regular basis, much to my husband’s chagrin.

I don’t sacrifice sleep. I get at least 7 hours of sleep nightly and a 3-4 hour nap on Sundays.

I don’t separate my life into categories of mother/wife/work/music. It’s all one big amazing mess called “my life” and that big category encompasses all of the people and causes and activities I’m passionate about. My life is NOT perfect, but its pretty darn good. There are many sacrifices for trying to pull off as much as I do: my house and yard aren’t spotless, I’m often tired, and sometimes feel like I’m not doing well at anything. But for me it’s worth it to have a life overflowing with wonderful opportunities to love and help others during whatever time I have on the planet. I don’t want to do it all. I just want a lot of the things I care about.

No, a girl can’t have it all but she can have A LOT.

I’d love to hear some of your confessions! Enter comments below.

Recent Interview on New Music Show with Cherie Call


I had a delightful time talking with my dear friend Cherie Call for New Music Show. Throughout the interview I was temped to start asking HER questions about her music because I’m such a fan of her songwriting. If you haven’t heard her CD “Grace” you’ve got to hear it!

To hear the stories behind my songs “Window To His Love”, “Angels”, “Make Enough of Me”, “Hard Things”, & “God’s Signature”

Find Your Inner Strength: Studio 5

Find Your Inner Strength

When you hear the word “strength” you likely think of traits or characteristics that are easily visible to others. But you also have “quiet” strengths that are demonstrated in your relationships interactions, and in who you are. These quiet strengths might be empathy, being a good listener, making others feel important, spirituality, and more.I’m continually inspired by the inner strengths of many women that I meet with in my counseling practice, and in workshops, who are dealing with difficult life situations: the loss of a child, marital distress, debilitating depression, chronic illness, and more. They face difficult life situations with courage and strive to move beyond their current situation.One of my own quiet strengths is the ability to reflect on my inner life and on my relationships and express my experience through songs. I gain much inspiration for themes and lyrics from my important relationships and life experiences.Three women in particular have inspired me with their quiet strengths of self- acceptance, emotional depth, and consistent support.


I have known Sara White for over 15 years and have been inspired by her strength of self-acceptance. Now well into her 90’s, Sara continues to enjoy her family and friends and exudes an inner beauty that is evident to all who know her. Through difficult life experiences Sara has grown in beauty and grace. The years have been a friend to her.

God’s Signature

(lyric excerpt, written by Julie de Azevedo)
These lines are signs of many lessons learned
Carved out through time
Smiles that warm and tears that burn
And unexpected turns
Time has been my friend it seems
So let Him write on meYou can call me flawed
You can call it character
But I choose to call these changes
God’s signatureMaybe it’s part of His design
That our landscape shifts with time
And youth is just a blur
Maybe it’s part of His design
And letting go of pride
It’s proof that we’re alive…

2-Emotional Depth

Melodie Williams, a long-time friend and mentor has inspired me with her unique emotional depth and thoughtfulness about life. Always an optimist, Melodie has encouraged me to seek continual growth in my emotional and spiritual life while maintaining a hopeful outlook. As a professional painter, her depth is expressed beautifully in her artwork. To learn more about Melodie’s art visit

Dive Deep

(lyric excerpt, written by Julie de Azevedo)
Dive deep into this ocean
Brave uncharted sea
You’ll never own me
If you want to hold me
Dive deep
Dive deep into this ocean
Cradle any jewel
Swim with the lover
Dance with the mother
Kiss the wife
And laugh with the girl

3-Consistent Support

My mother, Linda de Azevedo , dedicated her life to raising nine children. It wasn’t until I became a mother that my appreciation for her deepened as I realized the impact of her constant support throughout my life. I wrote this song “Angels” as a tribute to her life. Still, she continues to be a source of support to me and my family generously offering praise, encouragement, and practical help whenever possible. Soon after this segment airs, she will be the first to call or send a text cheering me on.


(lyrics excerpt, written by Julie de Azevedo)
She was a girl just a young girl at nineteen
When she left behind her the life she had known
Got all dressed up in white
Oh to be a new bride
And set out to make a house a home
When she found herself she was drowning in laundry
Up all the night and driving all day
And every few years she would come up for air
In between lessons, carpool, and PTABut the angels they carried her
Through the fire and the rain
And the angels they carried her
From the end of her rope to the end of her day
And the angels, they sang to her
So she know someone was there
She had wings and prayers
Looking back it’s clear
She was touching heaven all those years…


My new CD “Masterpiece: The Best of Julie de Azevedo” is available at Deseret Book.