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Giving Language to the Intangible – Emotional Intelligence & Inherent Worth: More Happy Life

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Andy Proctor, host of the More Happy Life podcast, about emotional intelligence. During the conversation we talk about the importance of learning about and understanding our mental health history and addressing and rewriting negative family scripts. These scripts can be the things our family says over and over, unspoken rules, roles family members get stuck in, gender roles in the family, etc.

We also talk about emotional intelligence and steps we can take to increase it in our own lives. We generally don’t decide to do self-destructive things out of our rational thought, it’s usually an emotional need that drives our behavior. We need to recognize what our emotions are, label them, and then ask how can get this need met in a way that gets me closer to the life I want?

Listen to the conversation above! For more about emotional intelligence and a free printable Feelings Word List, click here.