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5 Motherhood Myths Making You Miserable: Good Things Utah

While being a mother is a beautiful experience, it’s no secret that it’s often not glamorous and very, very difficult. Here are some myths about motherhood that may be bringing you down:

Every Woman Wants To Be A Mother

It’s easy to assume that every woman wants to have children, but that is not always the case. For a variety of different reasons, some women may not desire to have children.

There’s One “Right Way” To Be a Mother

We often have an idealized version of how a mother should act in our minds as one who is 100% devoted to her children, cooks gourmet food, and is always patient and kind. But the truth is that being a good mother can look different in different families, and the important thing to remember is that motherhood is a relationship, not a role.

Being a Mother Comes Naturally

There is a lot to know when it comes to raising kids, and while some women may have a natural instinct when it comes to certain responsibilities, it doesn’t come easily for everyone (and that’s okay!). “Mom Guilt” is real, and we don’t need to put extra pressure on ourselves if we’re not flawless at cooking, cleaning, teaching, or other parts of motherhood. We’re all learning!

Good Mothers Always Put Their Children’s Needs First

Having children means you will inevitably make sacrifices with your time, energy, finances, etc. But being mother doesn’t mean you always have to put your kids before yourself. A mother matters just as much, and sometimes she may choose to take time for herself. This is not selfish- it’s a way to preserve her sanity so she can be a better mother!

Mothers Should Enjoy Every Moment With Their Child

It’s easy to feel pressure to enjoy every moment because “time goes by so fast.” But when you’re living in the difficult situations of potty-training, temper tantrums, or 4 am feedings, it’s not always easy to enjoy the experience. It’s okay to admit that things are hard, and women don’t need to feel guilt about being honest that they don’t love every minute of motherhood.

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About Dr. Julie Hanks, LCSW:
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