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Shifting How Women Think About Their Appearance & Body: Deseret News

If you are a woman, you’ve likely had insecurities about how you look. The topic of women’s issues with body image and their appearance is one that’s been studied by therapists for years. Whether it’s eating disorders, media messaging, puberty, or weight loss, there’s a lot to discuss and think about when it comes to how women and girls think about themselves. What’s more is that Pew Research¬†indicates that even today, women are still valued more for their looks than for their minds. Clearly, we have some work to do.

I recently shared my thoughts with the Deseret News about some of these ideas. One of the main takeaways that I hoped to convey was that the goal isn’t to necessarily make it so that women and girls don’t care about their appearance at all. It’s natural for us to desire to be attractive and feel good about how we look. But rather, I hope that culturally, we can shift away from obsessing over unattainable standards of beauty and understand that our appearance doesn’t define us as human beings, then focus on self-care and health.

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About Dr. Julie Hanks, LCSW:
Dynamic self & relationship expert Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW loves to make a difference for women. She owns Wasatch Family Therapy and regularly contributes to TV Shows and her advice has been featured nationally including Wall Street Journal, Parenting, Fox News, and others. Connect on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Her books The Burnout Cure and The Assertiveness Guide are now available. Dr. Hanks is currently accepting coaching clients.

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