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Another Reason to Hate this Sexist Seattle Real Estate Ad

Real Estate Ad Insulting Working Moms

This is a more subtle offensive message in this sexist ad that no one is talking about

By now, you’ve likely read about the outrage caused by a Seattle Realty firms mailer ad that insults working mothers and the belittles the quality of their work. The mailer says, “Part-Time Agent,” with the photo of a woman juggling children in a scene of chaos vs. “Full-time Professionals,” with a photo of two men in suits in a pristine office.

There are so many things that are offensive about this ad — it’s difficult to know where to start. Here are just a few reasons that to hate this ad: it’s totally sexist, it slams the quality of working mother’s performance, it is the epitome of  male privilege, it’s fear-based…

If you think the front of this ad is offensive, the back of the ad (shown below) further insults the quality of mother’s work. It lists the advantages of hiring the men’s services instead of hiring a part-time working mother because the a part-time female will only be available at “their convenience not yours.”  Ugh! It occurred to me that there is another more subtle yet problematic message conveyed in this disgraceful ad that no one is talking about.

Not only does this ad insult working mothers, it also subtly insults involved fathers. It paints men as if they don’t care about their family relationships, they don’t directly take care of their children, they only work full-time. It stereotypes “professional” men as caring only about work, work, work, and serving their clients. What about their family relationships? The real estate firm’s website says that one of the partners enjoys spending time with his wife and three children…

The truth is…

Not all men with a family will be available 24/7 and skip out on date night with their partner when a potential client calls.

Not all men who are fathers will miss their child’s play in order to close a deal.

Not all men wear suits daily and work in a pristine office.

Not all men assume that their wives or partners will automatically be the one who takes care of a sick child, planning birthday parties or will be the one going on field trips.

My husband is not a real estate agent, but he is a professional man who is also a very involved father. He never wears a suit to work. He works half of the time from home. He cooks many meals and does most of the grocery shopping. He’s gone on field trips, choir bus trips, helps kids with homework, attend sporting events, and cleans up after sick kids. We both work and we both take care of home and family.

Can we please stop stereotyping women and men in ways that pit us against each other? 

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