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Burnout Cure Book Interview: Studio 5

Taking care of everyone else can leave women feeling burned out. It’s a problem Therapist Julie Hanks is passionate about. She has tips to help you recover from burnout and keep it from happening again.

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Molly Mormon Died Today New Music Video

I thought the release date of my first book  would be a great day to proclaim the death of the cultural unrealistic expectations… “Molly Mormon.”

On day a few weeks ago my kids were showing me the video “Dumb Ways To Die”, a hilarious safety campaign by the Australian Metro that became a YouTube phenomenon and is now a smartphone game. It got me thinking….

I started giggling as I imagined funny ways that “Molly Mormon”, the cultural myth of perfectionism, could die. Since the gist of my first book The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide For Overwhelmed Women is about taking good care of ourselves, rejecting perfectionism and unrealistic expectations that prevent us from feeling “good enough” in our efforts. I hope women will embrace realistic expectations and treat themselves as kindly and generously as they treat others.

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What cultural expectations are you going to let go of today? Feel free to comment below.

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