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Resilience Is Key To Bouncing Back From Life’s Challenges

A person’s overall psychological well-being is referred to as their mental or emotional health. How you feel about yourself and your relationships are factors that will determine how emotionally healthy you are. Another key factor in determining emotional health is resilience. In other words, how well do you cope with change, setbacks, and other life challenges? If you don’t cope with these facts of life well, don’t worry; Just as it is possible to improve your physical

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Practicing Outside The Box: Growing Tomatoes In Psychotherapy

tomato in square

Stuck in a therapeutic rut? Find inspiration from other therapist’s creative strategies and get outside the box!

As therapists, especially those of us who have been practicing for a few years, it’s easy to get into a rut and become less creative than we were as eager, bright-eyed interns. Feeling the need to be more creative in the therapy hour inspired me to reach out to other therapists for ideas and inspiration and start this series about practicing outside of the box.

Because I managed to kill every plant I have ever owned (I have a “black thumb”) and because I have always fantasized about living in New York City, I was intrigued by psychotherapist Janet Zinn, LCSW’s use of “outside the box” strategies to help her clients. Janet found that incorporating nature in the form of a garden in the middle of a New York City practice was a welcome and healing environment for her clients.

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