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Tuesday Tunes: Keeper Of The Flame

Last month my husband and I were in England picking up my oldest son from a two-year full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One Saturday night I forgot to turn off the sound on my cell phone and throughout the night I heard texts and tweets dinging. When I woke up, my husband said, “There’s something on your phone about President Monson. Groggy and confused I looked at my phone and there were several messages saying, “President Thomas S. Monson (President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) quoted your lyrics to ‘Keeper Of The Flame” last night in the General Young Women’s Conference!”

“Seriously?” I thought. My hubby and I went online to see if we could find the video. We found it and I watched in amazement as President Monson quoted me by name and read some of the lyrics to my song. When ever I’ve thought about it since I giggle and smile. What an incredible honor…

Watch the video (10:15 is where he quotes me lyrics)

Story Behind The Song

Since 1987 I’ve contributed songs for BYU’s Especially For Youth’s theme CD’s. Keeper Of The Flame was written for  the 1997 CD “Treasure The Truth”. I usually don’t like to write songs around certain topic because I usually write when things “come up” and prefer not to write “on demand.” Writing with a certain topic in mind tends to feel contrived and less honest to me. But this song was different. It did feel honest. In thinking about what truth I treasure it is my testimony and the experiences that have shaped it. By 1997 I had had enough life experience to know that there are many internal struggles and doubts and external life’s circumstances that can dim the flame of testimony if we’re not careful. I wanted to share with the youth the importance of guarding their flame of testimony, no matter what.

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Keeper Of The Flame (Vocal by Katherine Nelson, 1997, From the CD “Treasure the Truth: Especially For Youth”

Keeper Of The Flame  (Vocal by Julie de Azevedo, 2003, from the CD “Window To His Love: Intimate Renditions of Inspirational Favorites)


Keeper Of The Flame

Believing, receiving the burning inside
Learning and yearning for greater light
Melting the frost
Moving the lost

Through the winds of change
Encircled by the clouds of pain
I guard it with my life
I need the warmth I need the light
Though the storm will rage
I stand against the pounding rain
I remain a keeper of the flame

Inspiring fire blazing in truth
Living and giving
Leading to You
Filling my soul
Willing to go

Repeat Chorus

I remain a keeper of the flame

(c) 1997 Julie de Azevedo

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