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Tweet Your Elevator Speech!

How’s your elevator speech coming along? Are you ready to try it out in “public”? One of the most helpful ways to refine your elevator speech is to practice it and ask for feedback. Here’s your social media challenge to help you get the word out about your practice message and to get feedback.

Twitter Challenge

Tweet your elevator speech (in only 140 characters or less) to me @Julie_Hanks and I’ll give you feedback on it. If you tag your tweet with #elevatorspeech then other twitter users can find it and give you feedback, too.

If you’re not on Twitter, post your elevator speech or basic practice message as a status update on any social media site. Ask for feedback from other mental health professionals and people outside of the field on the clarity of your practice message. Here are some suggested questions.

Elevator Speech Feedback Questions

  • Is my message in layman’s language without “psychobabble”?
  • Is my ideal client clearly identified?
  • Does it focus on my ideal client’s potential problem?
  • Does it clearly state a benefit that my services offer?
  • Is it succinct (2-3 sentences)?

I’m looking forward to reading your elevator speeches. If you’re not on social media yet, feel free to post your basic message below as a comment below.

About Dr. Julie Hanks, LCSW:
Dynamic self & relationship expert Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW loves to make a difference for women. She owns Wasatch Family Therapy and regularly contributes to TV Shows and her advice has been featured nationally including Wall Street Journal, Parenting, Fox News, and others. Connect on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Her books The Burnout Cure and The Assertiveness Guide are now available. Dr. Hanks is currently accepting coaching clients.



Does one really want to post one’s elevator speech as a status update on a social media site where one’s patients and clients might comment on it publicly, or even read it?Wouldn’t one’s practice and one’s clients be better served by the therapist acting more discreetly, and simply sending the elevator speech in a private email to specific people for comment?


Want feedback on your elevator speech? Find out how @Julie_Hanks can help you perfect your professional pitch:

Julie Hanks, LCSW

Thanks for your thoughtful comment/questions. In my view, what you do and how clients benefit from your services shouldn’t be a surprise to your patients/clients and should be clearly stated on your website, practice material, or any business social media pages. My challenge to tweet your elevator speech comes after a couple of posts on how to craft your elevator speech so I’m assuming that folks have already worked on a few drafts and are ready to “go public” with their practice message. If you’re still working on it developing it and would like to email it directly, I’d be happy to privately review your elevator speech/basic practice.

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