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Out Of The Mouth Of Babes: Add these words to your vocabulary

Want to impress others by adding some edgy and impressive new words to your vocabulary? Try these creative words offered by my own kids and my facebook friends’ children…


Over the years our family has developed several new words that we have integrated into our everyday use.   My kids are exceptionally good at combining two words into an entirely new word that actually makes sense. Last week I posted some of our family’s favorites words on Facebook and asked for some input from other friends and fans. They did not disappoint…as if I need another reason to love Facebook! Consider adding these words to your vocabulary…


(but + except) “I want to do my chores butcept I’m not feeling well”


(tomorrow + later) “Mom, Can we go the store tolater?”


(bedtime + nighttime) “I want a bed-night snack before I go to sleep”


(ignorant + annoying)  “Stop being so ignoying!”

Here are some gems from my Facebook Friends

(Julie de Azevedo-Hanks & Julie de Azevedo Facebook walls)


Michele — My youngest use to call any new outfit that she received a “newfit”. Funny thing was just a few years later JCpenney’s used that word in one of their advertisements. We had a good giggle over that.

Cheese papers

Carrie — My sons call pre-sliced cheese “cheese papers”. We’ve all adopted it and I forget that it isn’t the correct term until I tell someone I have to run to the store to buy cheese papers and they look at me funny.

Verse (as a verb)

Tracey — my boys use “verse” as a verb. “do you want to verse me in tennis?” “I versed him in handball”. Hilarious…and kinda makes sense.


Amy–“but mom” I usually tell them I am not “butt mom”


Bill–My grandson uses the term “Hoosey” as an adjective. “Lightening mcQueen is a Hoosey fast car!”


Lisa — ‎”Posta” I was posta do my chores.


Laurel — Yabutt (yeah + but)


Elizabeth– My 8 yr old grandson always says “whabou” I always respond, “how do you spell that?”. W H A T A B O U T


Elizabeth–Imaginating…And my granddaughter will be sitting quietly and when I ask what she’s doing, she responds, “I’m just imaginating, Grammy.”


Mike– beginst (beside+against). made sense to me.


Emily –My kids say I.D.K like its an actual word…thank you texting. ( I don’t know) We also have the yabut at our house. Oh and shup (shut up which I do NOT appreciate either!! LOL)


Becky — The remote has been called a “notatoy” for 32 years ( our oldest son thought that was what it was as everytime he picked up my husband would say “that is not a toy”.


Darcell– my daughter say’s” mote” for the TV remote.


Vickie — We started calling a late lunch “lundin” when my kids were little because it was in between lunch time


Rebecca– My 4 year old says “Lasternight we went to Grandpa’s house, remember?” It’s like yesterday… but… laster-night!


April — Ginormous. Gigantic + enormous. They all use that one.


April–  “you are being ridifficult” combination of ridiculous and difficult. only when she is mad at me for not getting her way.

And one of my favorite comments….

Matt –Not any words I could post on facebook:)

If you have any words that aren’t words but kind of make sense, please comment below. Your email will remain private.


About Dr. Julie Hanks, LCSW:
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My son just had his Pre-K graduation. He keeps calling it his Gramulations. I think he’s getting “graduation” and “congratulations” confused. It is adorable! =)

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