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How To Handle Complicated Mother Relationships on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can bring up mixed feelings for some folks. Not all relationship with mother are joyful. Todd & Erin invited me to stop by this morning for an “Emergency Mother’s Day Crisis Intervention” to give suggestions about how to handle the pain of “complicated” relationships with you mother, the pain of dealing with infertility, and more.

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Does Motherhood Really Matter? A Tribute to My Mom

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized what precious gifts my mom had given to me. She gave her body, her heart, her time, her attention, her sleep… and I rarely gave her the respect and appreciation she deserved.

I’m stepping away from your love & relationship questions this week to share a that I wrote to honor motherhood, and in particular my mom, Linda de Azevedo.

Written shortly after my parents divorce, and during a time when my mom was questioning the value of her life’s contributions to our family and to the the world, I hoped to convey through music my overwhelming gratitude to her for her tender care throughout my life. The little things she did to support our family day in and day out for decades mattered not only to me and to my eight siblings, but they mattered in heaven…the angels carried her.

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Words & Music: Julie de Azevedo
© 1996 Mohrgud Music (BMI)

She was a girl just a young girl at nineteen
When she left behind her the life she had known
Got all dressed up in white to be a new bride
And set out to make a house a home

When she found herself she was drowning in laundry
Up all the night and driving all day
And every few years she would come up for air
In between lessons carpool & PTA

But the angels – they carried her
Through the fire and the rain
And the angels – they carried her
From the end of her rope to the end of her day
And the angels – they sang to her
When she thought no one was there
She had wings and prayers
Looking back it’s clear
She was touching heaven all those years

Well by now you would think that her house would be empty
‘Cause most of the children have grown up and gone
I’ll be the first who would say that I can’t stay away
From that woman who gave me my first birth and my first home

‘Cause the angels have carried her
Through the minutes and the days
And the angels have carried her
To a strong and wise and noble place
And the angels still sing to her
And I join them in their praise

‘Cause the angel that carried me
‘Til I saw the light of day
Was the angel that carried me
Through the years of laughter joy and pain
And the angel – she sang to me
So I knew someone was there
I had wings and prayers
Looking back it’s clear
Oh so clear
I was touching heaven all those years

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Self & relationship expert Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW is wife of 22 years and mother of 4, a performing songwriter, a licensed psychotherapist, a popular media contributor, and director of Wasatch Family Therapy. Watch Julie on KSL TV’s Studio 5, listen on B98.7 radio, and read her national advice columns on Psych Central, and Latter-day Woman Magazine. Follow Julie on Facebook & Twitter.